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Joshnan Labs
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 36 reviews
by Jaz on Joshnan Labs

I want to order but I’m nervous, is this really legitimate?

by Jemma on Joshnan Labs
Trsted ones

they are genuine

by Simon on Joshnan Labs
Top Quality

My first order just came in and i am excited trying to tests them out. So far I am very impressed with the quality of the euro bills especially the 50 bills, I just couldn't distinguish between the real ones and the fake. Quality 100% on point.

by Ihsan munir on Joshnan Labs
Help me in washing black

Hello. .I'm very happy to know that u have high qualified technician to work world wide. .I need technician for doing the washing of black money by % base.

by Merxan on Joshnan Labs
100% legit

They are quite pricey but the quality of their bills does a good job in justifying the prices of their goods. This is my second time of buying from them and i can 100% ascertain that they are truly legit. I will only advise anyone buying to take the fast shipping option as the standard shipping options takes longer than  normal.





by Anonymous on Joshnan Labs
Super Satisfied

Ok I placed my first order with them 2 days a go and it came in this morning. I haven't had the time yet to test them at the ATMs but i am super excited they came through. I almost felt I was getting scammed until my order came through.

by S on Joshnan Labs

This website is fully legit. their euro bille are too expensive but the quality is the best. And I was convinced that anyone who truly produces and has these notes, wouldn't sell for cheap especially for the quality it represents.

This is my 3rd order I'm getting and I'm very much impressed with just how excellent the qualities are. I highly recommend them.

by Max Karl on Joshnan Labs
100% legut

I had a lot of fears and doubts before going into this but after doing business with them, I couldn't be any more grateful. My order of $20000 just came in and the quality is just so indistinguishable from the real dollar bills. I tested them using my counterfeit detector and it passed the tests.
Not only that, they also take out time to answer all of my questions which i found very very impressive. Every company, should copy that. Highly recommeded if you are looking for legit vendors of countefeit bills..

by Anónimo on Joshnan Labs
Very Impressed

I just made business with them and I am more than satisfied for a start...... The not only is the quality of the bills great, but they do a great job at answering all your questions and concerns as well as keep in touch with you as needed. Couldn't ask for more

by A friend to customer on Joshnan Labs
Highly impressed

Great purchase, excellent quality, but what I don't understand is why pay extra for the €500 bills? Is it that they are expensive to make or what?

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18 comments on “Testimonials


Is those really legit?


If you are looking for legit vendors of counterfeit bills, then they are legit. I place my first order sometime in June to help me out pay a new house by pure curiosity and I got my order within 3 days.
Since then I’ve been placing orders and I’ve referred a hand few of people as I could to them and none had been scammed.
Plus they respond to all your questions, a type of hospitality rare in today’s world.

Mc DePaul

I saw your comment and after a bit skepticism, I decided to place an order to confirm if they are legit or not. I paid extra for fast shipping and Before the 24 hours could elapse, I had my order delivered to me. I tasted the bills in the ATM and they all worked and it was then i confirmed they were legit.
I am actually preparing to place another order right now this time higher.


I had the same worry as you when i first ordered from them.. I was so scare cus I’ve been ripped off thrice before i found them.
My first order I paid for the fast shipping so that in 24 hours i would confirm if they real or not and guess what? Within less than 24 hours i got my order.
I ordered again 2 days later after testing the bills and my order reached me promptly.
I highly recommend them to anyone looking for legit vendors.


After reading you guys comments. I will give it a shot. Just hoping your comments are 100% truthful & so is the vendor.


I understand your skepticism but give them a try just as I did. I would advise to start with their minimum order if you are unsure and once you get it, you can then increase upon your next order. That was exactly what I did on my part and today I have no regrets.


Its not only real but its legit. I just placed my second order and if the quality still remains same I will rate it 5 stars.


Anyone tell me is it legit or not?


Its still my first try and it all went well but the delivery took so long.


Is this a legit seller and no a scam


Is this for real


Good Morning
I am interested in Ssd mercury activation powder I need to know the prices thank you very much


This real or fake?


Hi friends
I live in Iran
Living conditions for me and my family have become very, very difficult
So that I really stayed at the cost of living
A few days ago a friend of mine donated a package of dollar bills to my family but unfortunately because they are black I can’t use them
And I can’t afford to buy ssd activation powder
If you can, as a humanitarian you can help me out so I can use these dollars.
I am even willing to settle your costs any way you can after converting to black dollars.
Teach me a solution
Or teach me a formula
Rest assured that your grace and help will not be lost before God and will be compensated one day in your life.
I am waiting for your seal

legit vendors

i just got my order for the first time, i am so super excited. i highly recommend them. waiting for me next order then i drop them 5 stars

Lisa Halley

Did you received a tracking number for your order?


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