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Legit Counterfeit Money

Legit Counterfeit Money

Fake Dollar Bills For Sale

Are you among the masses who have been in deep search of legit counterfeit money? Have you equally been in long search and found none? Are you also among those who had given up and fallen to the hands of rippers? Do you spend a lot of time in search of legit vendors and found none? Then worry no more, search no more and look no further for this right here is for you.

Legit Fake Money Vendors

We work with top quality printers from some top Central Banks to print and sell perfect Grade A counterfeit money of some major currencies. More so, our fake money is perfectly produce with all security features available and everything is safe and legit, unrecognizable to the human eye and touch. Offering a legit counterfeit bank note which is 80% cotton.

In order to realize this, we use a method that practically replicates the real the notes into the fake to give them this real look and feel. All legit counterfeit money are approve, and pass all tests.

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Equally, each legit counterfeit banknote comes with a different serial number, and are printed with perfect holograms. We as well, have the substrate already engraved, designed front and back of the various currencies for each denomination.

More importantly, all notes will pass major test like ultra violet light (uv), pen test (iodine test) and many more fake money detection test in existence.

We produce first grade undetectable counterfeit bank notes of the following currencies:

US dollars (USD) 
Great British Pounds (GBP) 
Canadaian Dollars (CAD) 
Emirati Dirhams (AED). 

Legit Counterfeit Money

Legit Counterfeit Money

Legit Counterfeit Money
Counterfeit 50 euros

NB; the prices vary per currency so to be sure about the check in with us for their price quotes.

Due to the nature of the business, orders will be package with a serial seal to so as to protect them from damage, leakage, loss or inspection by airport authorities. Very safe and secure for the delivery of your order.

How To Order Legit Counterfeit Money: Place an order with us today

To order is simple:

-First of all, you get back to us with the products you wish to buy ( How much and also the currency) and also your name, delivery address and contact number.

-Secondly, upon receipt of the above details, we shall be forwarding to you an invoice with the payment details.

-Finally, once payment is done all you just have to do is to get back to us with all payment details

-Afterwards, once that is confirmed we will proceed immediately with registration and subsequent delivery of your package, the legit counterfeit money.

We also send you tracking details so that you follow up with the progress of your package, the legit counterfeit money.

For more information contact us on:

WhatsApp: +1 (213)-761-4617

Email: [email protected]

Telegram: https://t.me/joshnan_labs


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