Legit Counterfeit Dirhams For Sale

Fake Dirhams For Sale

Fake Dirhams For Sale

To begin with, we have Fake Dirhams For Sale. HQ UNDETECTABLE production! Best quality counterfeit fake dirhams in the market. These counterfeit dirhams contain ALL security features. They pass the pen test without problems. UVI is incorporated, so they pass the UV test as well.
In addition to that, they have all necessary security features to be spent anywhere except depositing Bank!!!!!

-Cotton paper!
-Correct sizes
-Real colors
-Color changing inks
-Security threads

Fake Dirhams For Sale

Fake Dirhams For Sale

Fake Dirhams For Sale

More so, these bills have a 100% real money look and feel and are capable of getting the basics done such as passing in Casinos, paying of goods and services, paying of bills etc.

NB: NOTES HAVE THE SAME VARIED NUMBERS, so play safe when passing through banks or other major financial institutions.

Stacks of AED

                  Order                      Price

  • 100 x 100= AED10000………. AED1000
  • 200 x 100= AED20000………. AED2000
  • 500 x 100= AED50000………. AED5000
  • bulk order (AED100000) HQ Counterfeits
  • bulk order price:  (AED10000) 

Fake Dirhams For Sale
Custom Pack

You can customize your order into any denomination you want. To customize your order contact us on;

WhatsApp: +1 (213)-761-4617

Email: [email protected]

Telegram: joshnan_labs

Fake Dirhams For Sale

Standard shipping is FREE. 
1.) Express shipping (fast delivery) available for an extra charge.
2.) We ship 3-5 times a week on BUSINESS days.
3.) Safe shipping!!!!

  • Shipping from: USA  to: WORLDWIDE
  • Average shipping time EUROPE: 2-4 Days
  • Delivery time MIDDLE EAST: 3-5 days
  • All depends on you country.

Moreover, these fake dirhams for sale can be used in ATMs, money exchanges and other day to day use with ease and everything is legit

Contact us on:

WhatsApp: +1 (213)-761-4617

Email: [email protected]

Telegram: joshnan_labs

Starters Pack

20 x 500= AED10000
– 50 x 200= AED10000
– 10 x 1000=AED10000

Price: AED1000

Fake Dirhams For Sale

In addition, you can use these fake dirhams for sale in the following places:

* ATM machines

* Major stores, but most preferably small ones

* Gas stations,

* Casinos.

* Bus and train stations.

* Local money exchanges.

More importantly, Standard shipping is FREE.
We equally offer Express shipping, which is available at an extra charge.
Also, shipment takes place 3-5 times a week on BUSINESS days.
Safe shipping!!!! 

Furthermore, if you are looking for where to buy legit counterfeit money online from? Then look no further for Joshnanlabs got you covered. We also sell counterfeit euros, high quality fake british pounds, and legit undetectable counterfeit dollars. Feel free to place your order anytime.

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