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Fake Counterfeit Money For Sale

Fake Counterfeit Money For Sale

Counterfeit money for sale

With the increased circulation of Fake Counterfeit Money For Sale into the various economy, there is need to be able to spot fake money from real money. Quality Counterfeit Money For Sale.

“Flattery is counterfeit, and like counterfeit money, it will eventually get you into trouble if you pass it to someone else.” ~ Dale Carnegie

In this post, we are going to examine some of the ways you can spot cheap fake money from real money. We shall equally look at some very top quality counterfeit money for sale which do manage pass all forms of detection. This is to say although counterfeit is counterfeit, some counterfeit bills are more counterfeit than others.


Fake counterfeit money for sale
Counterfeit Canadian dollars

How to Identify Counterfeit Bills


how to spot counterfeit moneyCounterfeit money is an old house hold name dating throughout history since the first forms of currency was introduced to the society.

Counterfeit money differs from genuine currency in a variety of ways, and if you familiarize yourself with the differences, you will better your chances at spotting counterfeit bills if you shall ever come across one.

First of all, if you suspect you are in possession of a counterfeit bill, examine the banknote carefully. Compare the bill in question with a real bill of the same dollar amount and printing series. Certain series of bills can have different features and pictures on them depending on what year the currency is from.

Be sure to pay close attention to the printing quality and paper material of the bills you are analyzing. Remember that you are looking for anything that looks different comparing to real banknotes.

There are several factors to consider when trying to identify fake bills from real currency:


First of all, the pictures on real currency looks authentic and sticks out against the background. The portrait on fake bills usually looks flat and dull in color. Details blend into the bills artwork, and are often too dark or blemish.

Federal Reserve & Treasury Seals

On real bills, the logos of the Federal Reserve and Treasury seals look very distinct and look sharp and clear. Counterfeit versions of the seals could appear uneven, dull, or have break see tooth points.


Buy counterfeit money onlineThe fine lines in the border of a genuine bill are clear and unbreakable. On counterfeit money, the lines in the outer margin and scroll work may be blurry and not clear.

Serial Numbers

legit counterfeit money for saleAuthentic serial numbers are unique in style and are evenly space. The serial numbers prints in the same color of ink as the Treasury Seal. On fake bills, the serial numbers can have different colors or shades of ink in comparison to the Treasury seal. In addition, the numbers can be unevenly space and disjoint.


Fake 100 dollar bill for saleGenuine currency paper has tiny red and blue fibers embedded throughout. Counterfeiters try to duplicate the fibers by printing them throughout the lines on the paper. However, under close inspection it will show that on counterfeit bills, the lines are printed on the outer layer of the fake bills and are not ingrain into the paper. On lesser quality fake bills, a counterfeit pen can reveal the paper of the bills to fraudulent .

Fake counterfeit money for saleThere are certain other features to look for as well:

Paper Features

High Quality Counterfeit Money For saleWith every currency produced, a corresponding paper manufacturing. Banknote paper is made from cotton pulp, which gives it better durability than commercial papers and a very distinctive feel.

Often the way a counterfeit bill feels causes someone to take a closer look. If bank note paper is held under ultra violet light it is dull in comparison to commercial papers.

The paper manufacturing process allows for the creation of a number of features.


Next, The watermark is one of the most obvious security features of a paper banknote. When hold up to the light an image shows up in the paper, usually a portrait similar to that printings on the note. The image of the watermark is cause by different thickness of paper, with light areas on the mark being a result of less paper.

The highlights effect of “thin” paper is sometimes use as an additional security effect in small specific areas within a watermark.  A watermark is an excellent security feature. A counterfeiter is very unlikely to manufacture his own paper unless they can actually get the real papers. However, the most commonly used methods by counterfeiters to produce something similar, is by mixing cotton and cellulose. They mix them up to a certain proportion, so as to attain a similar feel to real money. Watermarks can simulate in some ways, but the effects are crude.


High Quality Counterfeit Money For SaleFurthermore, threads are embedded within the paper fiber and can be invisible or have a starburst effect. The thread appears to weave in and out of the paper when view from one side. However when hold up to the light the thread will always appear as a solid line. Features build into the thread material themselves. The thread is a difficult feature to counterfeit but counterfeiters have been known to print a thin gray line or a thin line of varnish in the area of the thread.

Other Embedded Features

While the paper is in the pulp stage, various elements can be added that then become embedded in the paper in a random fashion. It is also possible to tint the paper.


best counterfeit money for buyHowever, some countries have adopted the use of plastics to create their currency. Security features are built into the plastic. There is a coating with an opaque white transparency. Simulated watermarks are produced by printing additional designs in opaque white. These features offer good protection from color copier counterfeiting.

Moreover, If you familiarize yourself with the features and characteristics of genuine currency and make careful comparisons if you encounter a counterfeit bill, you will be able to distinguish a counterfeit bill from a genuine bill with ease.

Identifying Bills with Counterfeit Money Detectors

Above all, one of the most full proof ways to spot counterfeits is with money detector machines. The advantages of using the machines over by hand is that it removes the chance of human error when examining bills and a good detector machine usually takes a second to analyze a bill and tell you if it is real or not. Using money counters can also help if you need to count cash and check for fakes at the same time.

When looking to get a money detector machine, the features you want to look out for are Infrared, Magnetic, color spectrum and optical density analysis. It is best use reliable money detectors that cover all bases so it eliminates the chances of fake bills going into your business.

Fake Counterfeit Money For Sale

Now you know how to spot fake money from real money but like mentioned in the introduction, some counterfeit bills are more counterfeit than others. And such is the case with the Fake Counterfeit Money For Sale which we have.

2 fake counterfeit 50 euro bills

To begin with, these quality counterfeit money for sale possess all real money qualities and characteristics which permit them to easily pass all the above detections. These qualities and security features include:

-Holograms and Holographic Strips
-Metallic Ink and Thread Watermarks
-IR Detection
-Ultra-violet features
-See through Features
-Different serial numbers
-Intaglio printing
-Security thread
-See-through register
-Special foil/special foil elements
-Iridescent stripe / shifting colors.

Fake Counterfeit Money For Sale
Fake counterfeit old styled 100 dollar bills

The above features all contribute to give these quality counterfeit money for sale their high undetectable nature. This permits them to easily pass the counterfeit tests such as the UV lights and the pen tests. Even to the real touch and feel they are excellent. They come with different serial numbers which is also a plus as it makes them easily passable in stores, shops stores, ATMs etc.

quality counterfeit money for sale
Counterfeit 20 pound. New polymer notes in high quality counterfeit money

However, they still remain counterfeits in the sense that, we don’t have any official licenses, permitting us to print and supply money. This thus makes these quality counterfeit money for sale illegal and thus the name counterfeit money.

Order quality counterfeit money for sale

Nonetheless, you can still order these quality counterfeit money for sale. Before ordering it is important to note that we are not responsible for anything that happens if you use these quality counterfeit money for sale out of the areas we prescribe. Make sure to check back with where you can use these notes.

To order these Fake Counterfeit Money For Sale, here is the process and please do read thoroughly, and feel free to write us anytime for clarifications.

-First you get back to us with the currency you want and also the denominations and how much you want.(the prices vary per currency)

-Secondly you proceed with the payments using any of our payment options (the payment options will be giving to you once you are ready to make the payments).

-Finally, after payments you then get back to us with your shipment details and from there we shall proceed with shipment and delivery of your order.

Thanks for interests and looking forward to your orders.

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