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Counterfeit Money Reviews

The Best Counterfeit Money Reviews

When it comes to purchasing stuffs online, the review of the product always coming in handy to help clients with their purchase decisions. Not only that, the reviews and feedbacks from clients or people who have previously used the product, comes in extremely handy. Same concept also applies in the counterfeit money industries as it not uncommon to see clients looking for the best counterfeit money reviews, to help in their purchase decisions. Hence why we at Joshnan Labs, take our undetectable fake money reviews very serious.

However, before looking at our realistic counterfeit money for sale reviews, it is important to know/have a little background understanding about our company and our humble rise to the top.

counterfeit money for sale reviews


About Joshnan Labs- The Best Counterfeit Money Websites

Our journey started with local fabrication, in which we used artisanal/archaic methods to produce fake money for sale. In this method, we would use printers with very low quality papers which couldn’t even permit the bills to possess any real money characteristic. The early counterfeits we made at the time where COMPLETE and UTTER trash. Those who bought them either needed for personal preferences but never could they use anywhere.

As time went, we learned from our mistakes and continue working on our techniques to be able to replicate the fake bank notes 1:1 with the real money. It was at that time we started studying the manufacturing process of real money, taking into account every little detail such as the security features, the papers used and the type of printing technique involve.

It was never an easy task, as we strived to improve to become the undisputed counterfeit money legit vendors. It did take time however and with patience, perseverance, we were able to overcome the challenges and today we are easily the most sought after legit vendors of fake money.

With the ever increasing and improving technology, it become way more easy to get the right quality papers, the correct printing machines to be to produce such undetectable counterfeit banknotes for sale.

As compared to yesteryears, we now boast of intaglio printing as against the sublimation which wasn’t only slow and tedious, but also had a very high failure rate. eg, 100 counterfeit bills could be produced but just 15 could pass the counterfeit tests making them have just an abysmal 15% success rate.

With the intaglio process, it’s different. We get an average of 98.98% success rate. Implying that if we do print say 100 counterfeit banknotes then at least 98 of them will pass the counterfeit tests which is indeed a very huge step up from yesteryears.

Another advantage of the intaglio printing process is that it is time and cost saving. With the sublimation process, it could take anywhere between 2-4 days to produce an order worth 5000, In addition, it could cost anywhere between 3000-6000 atimes to produce an order worth 5000. This was a huge loss for us but needed to incur that loss to build a reliable client base.

Today with the intaglio process, an order worth 5000 can be mass produce in under 5 hours. However the testing and other related stuffs can take it upto 8 hours which is still far more impressive than the previous method we used to use. Mass production as well is also less costly hence why we are able to charge now way less for more quality and still make profits.

The improvement and years of service couple with all the experiences we have makes our site one of the best counterfeit money websites to buy high quality counterfeit money from.

fake money shipping

Counterfeit Money Website Reviews

Just like in any business, success never comes without criticisms. The most successful business are easily the most criticized. From Amazon, to Facebook, to Google and Apple, all of them are often at the center of controversies and mass criticisms to a point whereby with all the proofs and evidences of their legitimacy, some still have the audacity to call them scams with scam reports. This just goes a long way to show how egregious and calamitous certain people can be. And such is the status quo when it comes to counterfeit money website reviews.

When it comes to counterfeit money, it is a complete different story. From threats to sabotage reporting to DDoS attacks, we face all sorts of difficulties yet we push on to continue offering our clients with the best legit counterfeit money for sale.

In our over 10 years of experience in this line of business, our great success has often come with much criticisms, nonetheless we still do our best to have each and everyone of our clients highly satisfied. We do guide our clients, before, during and after their purchases so as to give them the best customer experience possible. We have not just our customer feedbacks to proof our legitimacy but delivery proofs among others.

best counterfeit money websites

Why No Independent Counterfeit Money For Sale Reviews?

When it comes to counterfeit money for sale reviews, one very common mistake people make is expecting to see independent reviews on sites like trustpilot etc. While those are legitimate sites to to get reviews from, they also at the same time not good for illegal business like counterfeiting, drug trafficking etc. Running or engaging in any illegal activity and having your company listed on sites like trustpilot, is just as dumb as selling counterfeit in-front of the FBI headquarters and expecting not to be caught.

The disadvantages of having an illegal business listed on independent review website are not only limited to the company but the clients who post review there as well. By listing your business and commenting on independent websites, you share a lot of sensitive data such as your ip which is logged, email etc which can then be traced back to you. Such sites do not provide for customer anonymity, nor any form of security for both business and reviewers.

Hence why it is rare to see/ get any counterfeit money for sale reviews on independent review websites. And if there is any of such counterfeit money for sale reviews listed on independent review sites, then you don’t need any second advice, Either they are fake or an informant counterfeit site working with the Police/cops to trap those who buy counterfeit money online.

If you are looking for undetectable counterfeit money for sale reviews, you can check on the darknet or better still contact your vendor for some counterfeit money website reviews or testimonial/feedbacks from clients. Don’t go looking at independent review websites cus you are just as good as willingly presenting yourself to the forces of law and order over your involvement in fake money for sale.

undetectable fake money reviews

About Our Counterfeit Money Shop Reviews – Counterfeit Money Lab Reviews

Our counterfeit money lab reviews, are based on the feedback from our clients who have done business with us. Our counterfeit money shop reviews are dropped independently by our clients with even a discussion page added so that questions, and other feedbacks and discussions can be added.

Furthermore, our counterfeit money shop reviews are fully encrypted and all data completely inaccessible by us. We do have a spam detection to prevent spam comments so as to keep the comment and review section spam free. We equally take customer feedbacks very seriously as it what helps us to grow improve and make better quality products and services.

A good example will be the quality of the counterfeit bills for sale, Most the changes and setbacks reported by our clients, have been corrected and adjusted. Same goes with the delivery time which now has been improved upon significantly. To further improve delivery time which has been one of the major complaints from our clients, we have set up terminals in different parts of the world so as to facilitate the delivery process and improve delivery time.

The above just go demonstrate how seriously we take our customer feedback and we continue to encourage our clients to drop more feedback so we can correct, adjust so as to better serve you. We wouldn’t have made it this far if it wasn’t for all the feedbacks.

counterfeit money for sale reviews

Dark Web Vendor Reviews – Order Counterfeit Money Reviews

From selling in the streets, our first ever attempt to sell online was on the dark web or deep as its fondly called. We started selling first on Silk road which was the most popular at the time before it was being taken down by the Feds. We moved over to dream market then Alphabay where we gained lots of experience and built a reputation as one of the best dark web vendor reviews.

After alphabay was taken down, we had to lay low for a while before hitting on Empire Market which at the time was growing to be the undisputed replacement of Alphabay, just sadly enough it ended up being an exit scam. We still maintained our strong portfolio as the one of the best counterfeit money legit vendors darkweb.

Selling in the darknet is not as easy as it may seem as there lots of daunting task and challenges to endure. The constant shutting down of markets or exit scams of some markets makes it a tough challenge keeping and maintaining a strong client base hence why we had to resort to the clearnet as an alternative “option”. And so far we have been doing the same thing, living upto and sometimes beyond expectations.

These and more all account as to why lost of clients consider us as their first option whenever they seek to buy undetectable counterfeit money. Our order counterfeit money reviews are there for you to see. With more backings you can easily contact us for more proof if you need.

Well, it’s a person offering to do something that is incredibly illegal, everywhere. Every single government takes a very dim view of counterfeit currency, as it’s a problem if if that currency is not the local one. From the potential suppliers point of view, there’s two things they can do:

They can fulfil the deal and sell you counterfeit currency. This will absolutely get a very serious amount of law enforcement attention, nationally and internationally. The risks of being caught are high, and punishments are normally severe to very severe.
They can take your money and not send anything.

Law enforcement will never know, because you cannot tell them without implicating yourself is attempting a serious crime. Even if law enforcement finds out, low scale fraud is a much lower level of crime, with much lower chance of getting caught and with much lower punishment if they do.
Of the two of these, one option is considerably safer and more profitable. Which do you think your average criminal would choose?

counterfeit money reviews

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Average rating:  
 88 reviews
 by Adenbra

I experienced no delay with a package of GBP. I followed the instructions that were provided and skipped zero steps

 by holli ghost
Still Unsure

I have ordered the starter's pack  and as soon as i sent the payment in bitcoin i was told i would have confirmation within 3 hours but got back to me  24 hours later confirming and approving my order and said it will be shipped a day or 2 later. But it took me approx 3 weeks before i could get my order.

Their customer service is quite slow with response, almost had a heart attack feeling i was scammed since it was my first time dealing with them. Patience is strongly advised when dealing with them or you risk having a heart attack like me lol.

I will say they are more prompt with replies on telegram than on email and they do a very good job at answering all questions. If only they could be more prompt and very fast with their deliveries then this company would be worthy of my 5 stars.

about placing another order with them and will surely update my review once i get it.

 by Cj Fields

This company has been quite reliable, now on my 3rd order and so far everything has been pretty smooth. Only complain will be they are very slow to respond and take a very long time with delivery hence why i am only givin them 4 stars. Other than that, they are most legit online company when it comes to counterfeits.

 by Rando
Partially satisfied

if i could could give 5 stars i would this site is 100% legit. They take too long to respond and delivery takes like forever. It took me 3 weeks to get my order when they said it would be here 5-7 days. I guess its the price to be paid when you take the regular delivery.

Regarding the quality it works just as advertised but their 100 dollar bills seem to be inconsistent with the coloring if you look for it. Just placed a second order with overnight delivery and hoping to see a progress with the delivery.

Till then i am keeping them at 3 stars for actually delivering and for their quality being as advertised.

 by Kako

The sent my cash and hid it in an old board game. If it was monopoly that would have been hilarious.

 by Raven's Nest

I’ve been buying from Joshnan Labs and I have been happy so far. A few years back I went to jail and that’s something I never want to repeat.
I remember when I went to jail it was my 3rd week in the lockup. Our weekly card game goes nuts as two guys move from talking shit to throwing fists. Things quickly escalate and the guards storm our area. While being locked down, one guy screams at the other, “I’m gonna put a Honey Bun Hit on your ass!” I looked at my cellmate and was like, “Seriously, what kind of shit is this?” Turns out you can have another person stomped down for the price of 20 commissary honey buns. That is some retarded gangster shit. I never want to go back to jail and Joshnan Labs seems like a very safe way to go. Placing my 4th order this week.

 by loulou987

I am pleased to report I did get the $5000 I ordered. I have to say that Joshnan Labs goes all out with this stealth stuff. I had to literally break the thing the cash was in because I could not get it out.

 by Anonimity

Just sent email to try and buy the starter's package to test it out. Will keep everyone posted, but based on the reviews seems like Josh is a man of his word and is a no bullshit type of guy.

 by Anne

I’ve been buying from Joshnan Labs for a while and in my area UPS gives me a lot of problems. I would recommend using FEDEX if you can. Here’s my story about it –
If it was possible to give UPS negative five stars, I would. I never have an issue with FedEx or DHL but UPS creates constant problems. For example, packages that are shipped without a signature required will, out of the blue, require an adult to be home to sign for the package. “Customer support” and I use that phrase VERY loosely, says the drivers can require a signature anytime they want. I live in a neighborhood with no crime, the house has a security camera on the delivery area, and yet the driver refused to leave a package that didn’t require a signature that I was waiting for. I called “customer support” and they verified the package did not need a signature, noted the account that the package should be left without a signature, and said they contacted the driver to verify that they should leave it without a signature. On the next “attempt”, someone pulled up in front of the house in an unmarked pickup truck and ran and placed a notice on the door that said they tried to deliver and we weren’t at home. They didn’t have a package with them when they came to the door. They did NOT ring the doorbell because we were at home. I have this on video. We only knew they had been here because I got a text saying they would try the final delivery on the next business day. This isn’t out of the ordinary for UPS, in my experience. I’ve started asking how orders will be shipped before placing an order and if they say they will ship with UPS, I don’t order. It’s pointless because you might or might not get your package. If you do get the package, over half the time the box will be torn all to **** too. They left a package earlier this year that had been treated so poorly that a bottle had leaked all over the package, making it impossible to even pick it up without turning it upside down. They left it like this and obviously thought that was ok. STAY AWAY FROM UPS when at all possible!

 by Analshocker

I received two orders in the past and I Just placed my order for the Platinum package of 50,000. Next week is a very busy week for all internet related business and I want to place my order before everyone else places their orders.

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215 thoughts on “Counterfeit Money Reviews”

  1. Thank you for your help Josh, my first order went smooth and the disguise was top notch. But hope you can fix the issue with delivery out of the States..

  2. Any recommendations as to where to use these notes easily without any issues? Will the money exchangers in Australia be able to trace this out?

  3. Great beat ! I would like to know if i can use these notes in the banks? As on cash in over the counters in the bank. Just getting ready to place my first order.

  4. Hey Josh i must say you are indeed a life saver.. I really enjoyed my first order but you nearly gave me a heart attack when you took long without responding to my messages. And also pls fix the delivery issues. it shouldn’t take that long especially when shipping within the States.

  5. I’m so in love with this. You did a great job this time Josh, delivery was really fast..but what’s up with the new 100s, ive been noticing some little inconsistencies even tho everything been alright at the stores and ATMs

  6. hello have a question you ship euro to united states… i read everything completely and didnt found a reference please waiting for your answer thanks again you are making a great job

  7. Wow ? I just got my cash and I’m very happy… I will be bring more referrals.

    BTW the cash is doesn’t have any noticeable flaws.. I think people exaggerate.

  8. Great opportunity to gain some income on the side with minimal effort. Very satisfied with the service I was offered. Good customer service too.

  9. I have read through every single comment. Other fake sites they have the same fake comments there — nothing like that here. gonna put my order in I think.

    anyone from 2020 who ordered again 2021 confirm legit ? Also anyone get any ‘love letters ‘ from bank or three letters ??

  10. All the € notes received are genuine and not fake. I used regular shipping option but it was extremely slow. It took me a month and the half before i could get my order.

  11. If you sent in an order over the past 72 hours please be patient waiting for your response. We have a backlog of orders that came in overnight. We may see a drop in USD inventory as these ship out. As always orders will be filled first come first served. Do NOT repeat your order, you will get a response soon.

  12. ‘i live in dominican republic that’s why i ask is better for me if its euro i will be using a PO Box for the shipment…please someone advice me what is best to do! thanks

    1. I have a house in the DR where I live part time. I order $ and have it sent to the DR. Ask for small batches that are all $100. Its smaller and fits in the POB

    2. I think other vendors should take this site as a model, very clean and magnificent user friendly style and design, well detailed content as well as great customer support. You’re an expert in this line of business Josh.

        1. He sent my package after a month and not the 5-7 days as promised and soemtimes he doesn’t even respond which is very traumatizing for a first timer.. however the bills were worth the wait. 🙂

      1. I’d like to find out more? I’d love to find out more details. How are they package and do i have to input my personal address or just a random address

      2. Well, the comments and reviews have been very tempting. Just placed my first order, if the money is ok I will buy a lot more. I will update my comment once i receive my package.

      3. I don’t think any site out there comes close to Joshnanlabs. Lost of scams these days but Josh is the only one I never a problem with. The struggle against the 1% goes on. The only way the rest of us get there is to have the resources they have.
        But watch out, their delivery slow as fuck. Paid for overnight but got my order after 2 weeks.. better scrap out the overnight if you can’t deliver the next day.

        Keep up the fight Josh. Fuck The Feds!

      4. So far the comments and reviews have been positive, likewise their customer service has been great. Just placed an order for the starter’s discount.. I will post my thoughs once I received the package.

      5. The office at the complex I live at called and said I have a package to pick up. I checked fedex and it says online that its delivered. I hope they wont have me sign for it. Im excited to get home and check it out.

      6. Hello mates,
        If sent outside the US/EU, do I need to provide a real ID number for DHL/FEDEX to pass the customs in my country ?

        Thanks !

      7. Its party time, ordered the Diamond pack and got it with the next day shipping… Balling to Vegas tomorrow its gonna be party all night. Is there a limiit like at banks?

        1. just-a-harmless-potato

          Why will you even think of using them at the banks? Thats a dumb idea. Use them anywhere but stay away from the banks unless you know what you are doing.

      8. Packaging was ridiculous!! The box they sent euros in was 10 times bigger than the product. When I saw it I thought they had sent me something else by mistake

      9. Great assortment of different denominations and excellent packaging. Didn’t face any of the major issues like delivery delays or poor packaging. Showed my wife and she refuses to believe they are counterfeits lol.

      10. qake2901384021jim78392

        Do you ship to kenya? if so, should i receive the package from customs or should i contact you for another shipment?

      11. It was exactly what I wanted & its here when I needed it. I am going to buy again under a different email and see if I can get a 2nd pack that way.

      12. just-a-harmless-potato

        This is package #9 for me. Been going strong with this and each time i get excited like its the first time. great job Josh.

      13. The package Josh sent had the contents secured inside a board game. Too bad I could have used a nice new toy. Maybe next time.

      14. I was happy that my small parcel with euro was delivered to my home containing the correct amount for the silver option. Unfortunately the people who packed my euro glued the item containing the money that I could not get it open without first breaking the item. I felt this was unnecessary.

      15. I just updated my Tor browser and when I clicked Joshnanlabs it put up a message saying this site uses V2 and will not work soon unless it swiches to V3,are you on it Josh. Sincerely hope you dont dissapear, Ive been saving like a fucking madman to get enough to place a 25K order. Followed this site for ages,,read all the reviews and am convinced enough to go ahead soon. Stay safe Josh and reviewers ffs stop posting what the stealth measures are, thats only helpful to law enforcement.

      16. Based on my experience I can say that Joshnan Labs is legit. Its paying me well. 5th order and going strong. Sometimes i just wished they were a little faster with their deliveries.

        1. Have you tried messaging them on telegram? Had same issue but i discovered they very slow with emails so i hit them up on telegram and its been smooth since then. Still waiting to receive my order tho.

        2. Was just about making this same comment before my package showed up. I ordered 2 weeks ago and i was already afraid i was getting scammed just to wake up to the knock of the deliveryman.
          So far i am impressed with the quality of the notes. I just wished they could do better with their delivery and communication.

        3. finally got my order but it took them more than 2 Weeks a little bit sad and pissed of with the delay despite having paid for overnight delivery. Only contentment here is the bills work just as advertised. Used a couple in shops and casinos and so far no one was able to spot them as fake.
          But you guys need to work on your delivery time.

          1. Yes got my first order but it took them over 2 weeks to be delivered. Currently on my second order right now. Hopefully they sort out their delivery issues.

        4. I’m still skeptical but that new pic posted on the site makes it hard to believe that this may be a scam..that shit looks way to authentic..

        5. Yesterday, while I was at work, my sister stole my iphone and tested to see if it can survive a twenty five foot drop, just so
          she can be a youtube sensation. My iPad is now destroyed and
          she has 83 views. I know this is completely off topic
          but I had to share it with someone!

          1. There is a lot of information about this in the reviews threads. If you take some time to read through them you will get all the information you need.

          2. The best way to invest is to purchase another business and structure the sale in a way that allows you to make their loan payments (assumption). Now you can mix the revenues of the business with cash you received from hidden sources like Jlabs

        6. I know bitcoin is pseudoanonymous, but does anyone here just send straight from an exchange like Binance? Concerned obviously that you prove ID on the account but not sure how paranoid you need to be when it comes to the effort of moving XMR or mixing BTC.

          Everyone else just sending it straight? Happy New Y’all

          1. I’m very reluctant to write this because I’m trying to be patient but when I was a prospective customer, the individual on the other side responded to me well. After paying for the order and the overnight shipping fee on Monday, it is now Thursday and responses have become scant to non-existent over the past two days. I’ve been trying to get a tracking number for the package and I can’t get anyone to tell it to me. It’ll show they came online, but my messages are not being responded to. Like I said, I’m trying to be patient and this is not intended to be a slandering review. But I want to know if anyone else has undergone similar problems. I did read one review saying the communication could be better, so I’m trying to give the benefit of the doubt.

          2. Hey, i hope you all are having a great Christmas. I just wanted to hear some feed back from y’all about JLabs before i proceed with an order. Thanks guys

            1. It works. I bought 2 9mm with laser sites and kept the rest for a future purchase. I was issued all $100 bills with nothing smaller. It seems its random what bills you get.

            2. Hello world, i wish to get inside the bussines but i dont know if i can make it from certain country, can you send me the list of country that are available please ?

            3. My only criticism is that you can only order a limited amount within a certain time frame. I know someone who has elite status and he said its the same just that the amounts are different. Maybe you let us place multiple orders at a time.

            4. It worked my box arrived with $25000 in various bills inside.

              FYI I ordered last Friday and had it sent to the northwest of the usa……and no I did not use overnight.

              1. My brorher suggested I might like tthis website. He wass totall right.
                Thiis ppost truly made mmy day. You ccan not imagine justt hhow mucxh time I haad soent for this information! Thanks!

                    1. I can vouche them, but my first time they were pretty slow, took me 2 weeks to get my order. Kinda pathetic but it was worth the wait. You just gotta exercise patience when working with them especially if its your first time else you gonna have a heart attack. They slow as fuck.

                  1. The term dirty money describes it perfectly. I received my order and the cash is in good condition but the smell is horrific. Its like a cross between puke and old socks

                  2. I love ya Josh. I threw the cash on the bed and fucked the shit out 2 sluts I picked up. 1st time fucking on top of 10 grand

                  3. I placed an order a few hours ago, but it’s Sunday and no shipments are going out. How soon will I be updated with my shipping info?

                    “Fuck The Feds”

                    1. Hello!
                      Just wanted to know and hear from you guys, those who have bought goods from this site, are they legit? Would be great to hear from the people who have just recieved. Older comments and reviews seem to be positive.
                      I’m obviously a new guy to this, sooooo wanted to know what’s up.

                      1. My experience was like what other people said on here. Following the directions the rest works out. I have ordered from them a total of 7 times, aside fro deliveries and sometimes poor packaging there is not much against them. The Quality of the bills are just as stated.. i had used them in a couple of places and no one could spot them as fake.

                      2. just-a-harmless-potato

                        This is package #3 for me. Everytime its something new with the stealth packaging. I wont say exactly what it is but its hilarious.

                        1. I started ordering from JL over several months. Each time I check my mail box I am just as happy as day 1 !!!
                          At this point I’m thinking to order 100K and take out my GF on vacation. Maldive islands here I come!!!

                      3. This has to be money from drug deals and things of that sort. Now I wish I didnt buy this and I feel very guilty. I only bought a little, $10000, but making money should not be this easy. I believe people need to work hard for the money they get. I will probably donate the $10000. Things on onion sites are not for me.

                      4. Order placed on tuesday with overnight shipping, its now thursday and it arrived. I was really praying for it to be here yesterday.

                      5. I’ve made an order for the Starter’s pack and have sent the BTC as instructed. I’m still within my 24 hour window for a reply, but I will get back to this review if it works out with everything that occurs. I ordered today, Wednesday, and hope to receive it by Saturday for a business transaction on Monday. I ordered “overnight” just to be safe.

                        Consider this a living review!

                        Fuck the Fed

                        1. Talk about last minute. I barley made my deadline but delivery is here. I was hoping for overnight to mean order Wednesday and arrive Thursday or Friday, maybe Saturday at the latest.

                          1. Thanks for the review man. I was following you before I made the decision to buy. I am glad it worked. Ready for mine now.

                            1. Hello Josh I know that you don’t do low custom orders but I was wondering if you do high custom orders, such as 50k in bitcoin for 500k in cash in multiple packages, or if it’s even possible to buy the 100k package


                              1. @JAMEz I cant find a legit prepaid card shop anywhere. Someone I know routed me here to Joshnan Labs and said to give it a try. I started with the minimum order just in case. I did get it. I made another order for the Diamond Package and it should come on thursday. hyu and let you know.

                            3. Is there anywhere I can spend $25000 of counterfeit without problems? I know someone that works at a buy here pay here and would give me a good deal but I want to pay in cash from my package.

                              1. Why would you risk it buying large like that? Be smart your actions have an effect on the rest of us. Any dealer has to report 10k and over cash transactions.

                            4. Anyone else get a notice from fedex that their shipment is delayed? I was supposed to get my fifty cents today but fedex now says it wont be here till friday.

                              1. Well Well Fedex’s overnight service is not actually overnight. I paid for next day on sunday and it didnt arrive until 2 days later.

                            5. I read on here that best buy is a good merchant to pass the cash at. I tried today with a really small amount about $100 and it worked. Im going to another location tomorrow and up the ante.

                              1. I carefully finished my spending spree and nothin bad happend. Everybody took the cash and never asked a question. My only regret is I didnt buy a larger package. I will be buying a lot more from you Josh in the next few weeks.

                            6. Josh sent the tracking information after 40 hours. I was expecting it within 24 or sooner because that was what other people had. Oh well, otherwise all good.

                              1. I dont get why it matter how long it takes to get to you as long as it gets to you. Where else can you buy real counterfeit other than Josh? Every other site I went to was just a scam. They never talk back after payments.

                              2. It’s been 5 days for me and still not tracking info, but I learned that patience is key! Can’t come off too aggressive which was my mistake.
                                Fuck the feds!

                              1. Use small deposits under 10k and make a couple of payments to zero the balance. The key is making sure that your payments are not much higher than what you usually pay. For example if you normally pay $100 a month and now you are making 3k payments or a 10k payment. That will alert your banking institution.

                            7. Hello all! I’m not from USA/EU, and I have a doubt about the bills. The EUR bills have two types, 1st series (ES1) and 2nd series (ES2), which one is delivered by Joshnan Labs.? I ask because I don’t want to mess anything and I want to be totally low profile, so, when I’ll go to trade for my local currency, I think it will be a problem people asking “how can you have these counterfeit bills in your hand?” or questions like this. I have same doubt about dollar bills, they are the “new type”? (like site logo). I appreciate if anyone could help.

                              1. Hi. I am no expert on this stuff but in the united states the age of the bill doesn’t matter. No one cares. I have never been to europe so I cant comment on euro.

                              2. Persei we have USD bills of all ages. For international orders we try to pack only bills 2006 and later since many exchange locations wont take bills older than 2006 series. Euro is whatever is in current circulation as accepted within the EU.


                                  1. Ok the order is finally here, first impression it looks and feels great. I haven’t had time yet to test them out. But it was a safe bet.

                                1. people in states do not deposit more than 1900 at a time in 30 days. Yes will take you a long time to despot it all but better than being flagged. banks – the one i used to work at – or do work at — double checks anything over 2K anything over 10K a report is filled out and sent to fbi. No BS. be careful

                                  1. $1900 in a single deposit, or $1900 over the course of a month? Like, if I deposit $600 a week, would that cause an alert considering it would be $2400 for the month?

                                    I’m hoping I can do $600 a week, but if I can’t I’ll have to figure out another way.


                                    1. LansenC. I think its safe to say that you can consider whatever kitten as to say a complete bullshit. 10k reporting is not sent to the FBI. Its sent to the treasury. Anyone truly in banking would have known that.

                                      1. Yes asshole below is correct its sent to the treasury. But also watch out for patterns too. But hey I only worked at the bank for 10 years what do I know .. JC is clearly and objectively smarter in all things in the world.

                                        JC go fuck yourself. It was a mistake choke on a dick douche

                                    2. I loved the $10,000 i received today! I was so happy that I made my voice heard on social networks, it was a wonderful opportunity for me to achieve the financial result I needed. Thank you for the opportunity. I let all of my friends know on Facebook & Instagram

                                      1. Jenni, Your a fucking idiot. Your admitting to have purchased counterfeit money from criminals. Delete your social media posts.

                                      2. I guess mostly men buy here based on the content of the comments posted. FYI men can be just as nasty as a vengeful woman. If it weren’t for Josh I wouldn’t have any money at all. My ex left me and my child and he wont pay any support. Its up to me to find resources to make it happen. Luckily, Joshnan Labs has been a consistent source for cash when I really need it.

                                        1. I ordered the $50k package. the tracking info shows it will arrive on Monday but it hasnt updated in 12 hours. Is something wrong?

                                        2. Hey, i sent my bitcoin payment & wanted to know if you needed anymore in case of price change. This is my first order and i have proof of payment if needed. Thanks fam

                                        3. Yo Josh, i just got my rich man order yesterday, but it was $200 shy of $50k. Can you make this right? That’s not alot of money to you but it is to me.

                                            1. Thank you for the update, my payment was made just moments ago. Blockchain should confirm it for you in time shortly. Thank you for your services, all goes well, I will be a very dedicated, non-idiotic client for a very long time. lol. Have a good morning Josh, can’t wait for my delivery.

                                              The Dirty Merc

                                          1. I AM SO FUCKING PISSED OFF WITH THIS FUCKING SITE!

                                            1. Yo Josh, what up with the inventory, you a’righ?
                                              I mean, with the covid and all, do we expect to receive our packages or should we wait till Jesus do something about it?

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