buy fake 50 dollar notes

Buy Fake 50 Dollar Notes

Buy fake 50 dollar notes. In the advent of top quality counterfeit, lies fake 50 dollars bills for Sale. These fake 50 dollars for sale come in top quality and all are grade A certified undetectable counterfeit banknotes for sale.

Our experience and longevity in the production of top quality counterfeit bills for sale, permits you to buy fake 50 dollar notes with no stress. Furthermore, you can buy fake 50 dollar bills for sale with much ease but first here are some information about the fake 50 dollar notes.

buy fake 50 dollar notes

Fake 50 Dollar Bills For Sale: Security Features

These fake 50 dollar notes are top of the class and very features packed and contain the following security features:

Holograms and Holographic Strips
Metallic Ink and Thread
IR Detection
Ultra-Violet features
See through Features
Different serial numbers
Intaglio printing
Security thread
See-through register
Special foil/special foil elements
Iridescent stripe/shifting colors

The presence of the above features makes the fake 50 dollar bills for sale 100% undetectable as they pass all the uv tests and pen tests as well has posses an excellent real money look and feel.

This thus, makes them fit to be used in the same places as real money would like shopping, paying of bills, paying of cabs, paying of taxes, paying of tv bills, in stores etc.

In addition, the above features make them the best undetectable counterfeit money for sale you can possibly get. 1:1 real money look and feel as well as security features.

More info and security features of fake 50 dollar bill

Before you buy undetectable counterfeit money online cheap, you need to note the following info about the fake 50 dollars for sale:

-In the first place, printing and colors are much much better than the fake 50 dollar bills for sale before. Its 1:1, almost exact colors , HD printing.

-In like manner, paper is the same as before. These are the rag papers (which are the same papers with the mixture of cotton and cellulose). For a good feeling we advice all our clients how to to test them before they buy fake 50 dollar notes.

– In the same fashion, size/cutting is better than before. Almost 1:1 on these fake 50 dollar notes for sale

– Also present on these fake 50 dollars for sale are Watermarks which you can see under the UV lights.

-Equally important are the Holograms which you can see as well under the UV lights.

-Buy fake 50 dollar notes which pass the pen test no hairspray needed. (We can teach you personally how to do this after receiving fake 50 dollar bills for sale)

-For a good feeling you can wrinkle the bills a little or put them in your jeans pocket one day to make it feel used a bit.  We also have sprays that make the feeling more crispy like the real bills.

-These fake 50 dollars for sale are good for fast exchange like festivals, bars, shops, taxis, markets etc.

-10 Different serials, more we can make on request.

-We have always stock +100.000 undetectable counterfeit money for sale, we are a stabile partner and can always deliver.

fake 50 dollars for sale

Fake 50 Dollars For Sale

More Info about the new fake 50 dollar bills for sale that we have now:

-In the first place these fake 50 dollars for sale have Good colors. More so, the sharp printing, is same as the real 50 usd note in the eye.

– Forthwith, these fake 50 dollar bills have Good size and good cut. You can buy fake 50 dollar notes with confidence.

– It pass the pen test no hairspray needed when you buy fake 50 dollar notes

-For a good feeling you can wrinkle the realistic counterfeit money for sale a little or put them in your jeans pocket one day to make it feel used a bit.

-Furthermore, the UV is also available.

-These bills are good for fast exchange like festivals, bars, small shops, markets etc.

-Buy fake 50 dollar notes with Different serials

-Buy fake 50 dollar notes from us cus we are a stabile partner and can always deliver.

fake 50 dollar notes

Price Lists For The Counterfeit 50 Dollar Bills For Sale

Minimum order starts at 5000

Order         Price

To claim an offer you can contact us on:

WhatsApp: +1 ‪(213) 761-4617‬

Email: [email protected]

Telegram: joshnan_lab


 Special Exclusive Discount Packs Of The Fake Fifty Dollar Notes

We do offer special discounts to all our first time buyers. Aside from the additional bills given upon first purchase of the best fake money for sale, we have a couple of discount packs which first time buyers can choose from. These include:

US Dollars Special Offers

Starter’s Discount

  • You Receive: USD 10000
  • You Pay: USD 800

Silver Package

  • You Receive: USD 15000
  • You Pay: USD 1000

Gold Package

  • You Receive: USD 25000
  • You Pay: USD 1500


Shipping And Handling Of

We offer 3 types of shipment for these high quality counterfeit money for sale: Normal, fast/express delivery and Overnight delivery. The core differences being the delivery time and handling as well as cost.

Normal Shipment

Normal shipping takes an average delivery time of 4-7 working days at times even more, depending on your location. The cost varies as well depending on the size of your order and destination as well.

-Delivery time to the USA and Canada for normal shipping takes 3-5 working days

-Delivery time to Europe takes 4-7 working days. ( to the UK it can take a little longer than that)

– Delivery outside Europe, USA and Canada takes +/- 10 working days.

Fast/Express Delivery

Fast/express delivery takes an average of 24-72 hours to be delivered depending on your location. The cost as well varies based on the size of your order.

-Delivery time to the USA and Canada for fast ship takes 24 hours at max.

-Delivery time to Europe takes 72 hours (3 working days). (The UK averages 72 hours, sometimes its less other times its greater than.)

-Delivery outside Europe, USA and Canada takes +/- 5 working days.

Shipping same day by private courier is also available but by customer’s discretion solely. Ask and we will quote you a price.

Overnight delivery

Overnight delivery for now is available just to the USA and Canada. Packages take off at a specific time in the evening to arrive the following day before midday.

Shipping Cost Of The 50 Fake Notes

Concerning the shipping of these counterfeit money for sale, the shipping charges vary as such:

  1. Fast shipping (express delivery)………$100
  2. Overnight shipping (USA exclusive)………$110
  3. Normal shipment……………………………..$60


Our Rules – Read Before Ordering

If you are not following our rules then, our team will mark you as spam and you will never be accepted as client. For us the rules are very important as they keep our clients, us as well as the business safe.

 1. Any client MUST be of  legal age before contacting us. 

2. We can only ship a maximum of 3 orders at a time to one address. If you place more than 3 orders in a day to the same address it wouldn’t go through. 

3. We do not work with kids! You have to be at least 21 years old.

4. If any client spells their shipping informations wrongly, we are not responsible for the outcome. And there will be no refund if the order doesn’t get delivered. Always double check your address before sending.

5. Clients have to check twice the PAYMENT WALLET before sending the bitcoin. If the client sends the bitcoin to the wrong address, we will not send his package. Because we can not recover the money from that address. Always copy and paste the address exactly as its given. 

6. If the client talk with his friends or whatever… about their involvement in the counterfeit money business, and they get caught, we are not responsible about whatever happens thereafter.!!!

7. If the client is already followed by police for other crimes. We will not be responsible for what will happen with their freedom!!! TAKE CARE ABOUT YOURSELF!


9. If the client buys from half a million and above in one order, then the client must prove 2 different address. The max order we can ship to one address at a time is $500000. 

10. You are the single person responsible. You will have to take care about how you will spend your fake bills. You have to take care about who you talk to about our business. We hate to repeat ourselves, but some clients get caught by talking to others. Our product is %100 safe. But your mouth is not!


How To Buy Counterfeit 50 Dollar Bills

You can buy 100% undetectable counterfeit money online in 50s using bitcoins. The process is relatively simple.

1.) Indicate The Currency And The Denominations

The very first step on how to buy legit counterfeit money online, is to indicate the currency you want and also specify the denominations you want to get (clients have the privilege to customize their order to suit their taste). You also indicate the amount keeping in mind the price lists.

2.) Choose your shipping option

Clients can choose the shipping option they want, be it fast, normal or the overnight depending on your location, while keeping in mind their respective prices (See the fake money price lists for clarifications). Upon receiving the above details, we shall be forwarding to you with the company’s bitcoin address with which you shall proceed to make the payments.

3.) Proceed with payments

Once the above informations have been submitted correctly, you will then proceed to payments using bitcoins, for which the btc wallet shall be given to you once you are ready to pay.

4.) Confirmations

Finally, once payment is done all you just have to do is to get back to us with a screenshot of the payments so we know you the one who made the payments. Afterwards, once that is confirmed your order will be validated and we will proceed immediately with registration and subsequent delivery of your package.

We also send you tracking details so that you follow up with the progress of your package, the legit counterfeit money for sale.

If you don’t know how to go about getting the bitcoins, don’t worry, our customer service got you covered. You can contact us directly on whatsapp, telegram or email to get the directives on how to buy bitcoins based on your location then proceed with payments.

You can place your order by contacting us on:

WhatsApp: +1 ‪(213) 761-4617‬

Email: [email protected]

Telegram: joshnan_lab

fake 50 dollar bills for sale

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