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Activation Powder & SSD For Sale

Activation Powder & SSD For Sale

Black Dollar Cleaning Solution.

J-labs offers Activation Powder & SSD For Sale. This SSD SOLUTION CHEMICAL AUTOMATIC is a Homogeneous solution. It’s specifically to dissolve and remove excess dye from anti-breeze bank notes.

In truth, this SSD SOLUTION CHEMICAL works better when combine with activation powder and mercury powder. This renders it more effective and produces better results in comparison to other black money cleaning chemicals.

We are the major SSD chemical solution manufacturers and suppliers in Asia and Europe. We equally provide excellent black dollar cleaning chemical, black dollar notes, black money cleaning chemicals etc.”

Moreso, we have in stock 100% concentrated SSD solution for sale and our  prices are quite affordable (we sell in rates). All our SSD chemicals are sold with manual guides for comprehensive instructions on how to use the SSD chemical solution.

We have as well an AUTOMATIC Black Money Cleaning Machine. It is available for RENT, SALE and “HUGE AMOUNT” cleaning whenever need be. We are well equipped and have the technical – know-how to clean anti-breeze and black notes of any kind.

Just as a reminder, all chemicals come with manuals that provide instructions on how to use them to perform the cleaning for those without the technical know how. Cleaning Machine is also available for “HUGE AMOUNT” cleaning.

Black Money Chemical Solution; Activation Powder & SSD for sale


Activation Powder & SSD For Sale

Activation Powder & SSD For Sale

Furthermore, our services are professional. Thus, we provide legal documents for all our products. We as well meet your requirements with competitive pricing, high quality SSD Chemicals for cleaning deface bank notes.

In the foreground, our technicians are highly qualified and are always ready to handle the cleaning of bank notes perfectly. We also sell Chemicals Like Tourmaline, S.S.D Chemical Solution for cleaning black and stain bank note of any currency.


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I am very happy contact your company. Please i want some of your fake dollars .

I leave in Bronx.


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